Life update: Uni, Work, Travel

Wow, it’s been a while! It was very quiet around here. I could give a hundred excuses why I didn’t write in such a long time, but I am honest: I wasn’t feeling it. At all. Life happened. A lot happened in the last year(s). Things were a bit like this: I graduated, I moved, got a job and left it again to go travel.

GRADUATION: Well it was finally my turn! I finished my medical studies in summer of 2017 and I am officially a medical doctor now. For my studies I lived in Vienna for 8 years and I couldn’t be more happy with the choice I made back then to move to that wonderful place. I just had the best time there and this city will always be my home. I grew up so much during that time. I went from being a lazy spoiled kid at home to living on my own in a new town. I made new friends at uni even though I am the most antisocial person you can imagine. I rocked med school even though I am lazy and get anxious speaking in front of crowds. What a good time it was!

THE MOVE: My time in Vienna was coming to an end. I am still sad, but it was time to go. During my 8 years in Vienna, I spend almost 1.5 years abroad doing medical placements. I got to work in Switzerland, the UK and Thailand. All places really grew on me, but no place will ever make me feel at home the way Vienna does.

WORK: During the last years I had several jobs. Most of them were, of course, in a hospital. I worked the ER, infectious diseases, surgery, anesthesiology, radiology,…you name it, I worked there. Some of these jobs were part of my studies, others I did extra. It was fun. I learned a lot. But I must say I am glad it’s over. After moving back to Luxembourg I started looking for a job and I got a contract with the ministry of education to work on a major international student evaluation study. The 5 months passed quickly, the job was fun, but I was quite underwhelmed. At least I could ride to work with my bike and was paid a decent salary. So it was time to find a new job and just like most people with a lot of time on their hand and no money do in Luxembourg, I got a job as a substitute teacher. I had a contract for 6 months and was teaching 4th graders for 22h per week. It was hard, but fun at the same time. I got really attached to the little monkeys and I was sad when my contract came to an end. During the time I was teaching I also got a job at our local zero waste store called OUNI in Luxembourg city. This was probably my favorite job ever. I loved the team, the coop atmosphere and I got to meet so many like minded people. For the first time I felt I was doing a job with a real purpose. But also that placement come to an end and I had my last day of work by mid march.

TRAVEL: Well, there it was. The day I was waiting for for so long. The big escape. The escape into freedom and into the unknown. On March 22nd I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime and flew on a oneway ticket to Florida where my adventure began. After a month I flew over to Los Angeles were I spend some time munching on all the vegan food and soaking up the LA vibe. The last weeks of my stay in the US were spend on the road in a camper van. The next destination was my favorite place on earth: Thailand. And that’s were I am right now and where I am going to stay for a few more months. More details on that are coming soon. So stay tuned.

That’s it for now. You’ll hear from me soon.


ps. Sorry for the shitty photos.


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