How healthy are you really?

Today would have been his 53rd birthday. He passed away too young at only 44 years of age. I still had so many questions for him and still have. Sometimes I would have loved to ask for his advice or his opinion on stuff. I would have needed him. I would have loved to have him longer in my life. And with every year that passes by I find it harder to believe he is no longer with us. We were robbed of precious time and memories that we could have created together.

Almost 9 years ago, my dad died.  It came out of the blue, on one could have foreseen this, or…

According to his doctors my dad was healthy and he was not supposed to die this young. But since I’ve discovered the vegan lifestyle, which has taught me compassion and a healthy relationship with food, I must say that I am now pretty sure that a healthier lifestyle would have saved my dad from the hands of death. Green smoothies and lots of fruits and veggies definitely would have changed the course of things. My dad would have been healthier than he had ever been, but then again health professionals thought he was already healthy… Believe me if I tell you I would do anything to be able to turn back time. Time is precious.


Ditch meat, ditch cigarettes, ditch alcohol, ditch eggs, ditch dairy products! They are not healthy! In fact, they will send us to an early grave! Instead, make sure you fuel your body with clean fuel. Make good and healthy food choices.

If you have a loved one that you care about and who you think has a suboptimal lifestyle and there’s room for improvement (there is always room for improvement!), then show them the enlightened path of a healthy and abundant vegan lifestyle. Fruits and veggies and also a daily dose of fitness (walking, hiking, jogging/running, hometrainer, cycling, swimming, dancing, really anything that gets your body moving and your lymphatic system pumping) are definitely the way to go. Lead by example. Practice what you preach and I’m sure your loved ones will jump on the high carb low fat vegan bandwagon.

Don’t be afraid to share your fears and concerns about the health of your loved ones with your loved ones. Speak up because you could end up saving their life!

I’m sure if I had found this lifestyle earlier, I would have been able to turn my dad’s life around for the better.  According to his physicians there was nothing to improve, but how healthy can your really be? The spectrum of health does not range from “sick” to “not sick/healthy”, there is so much more in between and it actually goes far beyond feeling “healthy”. We should be bursting with energy, that’s how we all should feel and a vegan lifestyle is a step in the right direction! There is so much to be an even healthier and better version of yourself!

So if you really care for those you love, then you should urge them to hop on the vegan bandwagon. It’s not restrictive, it’s pure bliss, I promise, and if you eat food that loves you back, your health and fitness will change for the better.

The best we can do is to take care of ourselves, our bodies and our loved  ones!



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