Minimalist Bathroom

I have to admit: Years ago I was obsessed with beauty products and make-up. And I mean really obsessed. I used to buy every new product ranging from budget products from the drug store to expensive high end beauty goods. Why? Because my skin was horrible. And my solution to that was, obviously, tons and tons of creams and potions. And of course concealer. A lot of concealer. Turns out I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I used to have perfect skin, but at the age of 17 I slowly developed cystic acne. Before, I rarely had a single pimple, but soon my face was turning into an inflamed mine field. Simultaneously I also developed multiple food sensitivities and allergies. At that time I wasn’t sure why and no doctor could seem to find an explanation nor a solution other than ‘wash your face’.  Putting tons and tons of chemicals and anti acne treatments on my skin just didn’t do the trick, so I ended up going to a dermatologist who put me on a (stronger) contraceptive pill. After a few months my skin started to clear up and I was satisfied. Now, after years of research, I know that I was just treating the symptoms and not getting to the root of the problem. The problem being: stuffing my face with processed animal products. That was one of the main reasons for the massive breakouts. Another reason was probably hormonal imbalance and leaky gut syndrom. However, even after my skin cleared up again I was still using tons and tons of creams, toners and make up on my skin. And let me say my skin was far from being all good.

Only since turning (high carb) vegan nearly 3 years ago, my skin got overall better and I suddenly realised what garbage I was eating and what hell I put my body through. Sometimes the right foods (tons of green juices!) and loads of sleep is all you need to get glowing and healthy skin.

After looking more into the vegan lifestyle, I not only changed my diet, but I also became more aware of what other things I was buying and using. So I purged my bathroom cabinet and make up bag. I reduced my products drastically, because most of the stuff I owned wasn’t vegan nor cruelty free and of course full of chemicals. I used most of the things I had up and replaced them with natural, organic and vegan alternatives and I would avoid harsh chemicals at all costs. I slowly reduced my skin and personal care to a minimum and my skin was never better! I cannot emphasize enough: Simplicity is key!

Here is a list of the few products I use:
Cleanser: organic tumeric soap and coconut oil
Toner: Rose water
Hydrate: Coconut oil
Deodorant: Alum crystal
Body wash: Aleppo soap
Body lotion: Coconut oil
Hair: Lush shampoo bar and conditioner

I do use some other products (vegan of course) from time to time, but this is what I use on a regular basis. One big plus, besides the great results for my skin, is that I could slowly reduce the waste (most of all plastic waste) I am producing in the bathroom. Most of these things come without a packaging or in a glass container. Can you imagine the waste we produce with all our products in the bathroom? Tons and tons of plastic waste (tooth brush, bottles and containers, single use razors), cotton swabs and tissues,  … the list is endless. But having a zero (or minimal) waste bathroom is actually not that hard, you just have to make a few little changes and your waste will be massively reduced!

Here are some easy zero waste swaps you can easily apply at your home:
Tooth brush → Bamboo tooth brush
Razor → Safety razor
Tampons → Menstrual Cup
Cotton wool → Cotton facecloth
Tissues → Cotton handkerchief
Shampoo → Shampoo bars

It’s easy: Try to use as little plastic as possible. Opt for reusable and not single use items. Use recyclable and/or biodegradable alternatives. Use materials like glass, wood, bamboo and cotton. Avoid packaging. And remember: you don’t need 1000 products to be beautiful!


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