Why I don’t drink alcohol

Despite years of heavy drinking and partying I no longer drink alcohol. I had my fair share of blackouts and nights sleeping on the toilet seat. However, 4 years ago I decided for myself that I would be better off without alcohol. At that time I had severe stomach issues and recovery from a night out was always long and painful with up to 2 days of hangover even if I only drank 1-2 beers. I wasn’t feeling my best and I knew that the few hours of ‘fun’ weren’t worth all the pain. At some point it just became clear to me, that I don’t need to drink, that I actually don’t like it (I was just conditioned to like it) and that I don’t like the way it made me feel and behave (And yes, I also don’t like how other people behave when they are drunk. They get childish and annoying. I cannot believe I put up with all of it for such a long time, because honestly I was often bored to death at parties as no one was able to have a normal conversation). I guess I only drank, because it was expected of me and to make me feel less awkward at a pub or party as I never really enjoyed clubbing or drinking as a social event anyway. Besides some occasional sips of champagne to avoid major discussions at big events I didn’t drink anything for the last 4 years. And I feel great!

This brings me to these discussions. For some reason my decision to stay abstinent seems to bother some people so much that they keep teasing and harassing me to a point that I just want to leave. What is it with alcohol that you have to keep justifying yourself for not drinking? Or make up excuses? Or even apologize for your decision? Seems that alcohol is the only drug that you have to justify not taking. You clearly have more of a problem if you are not drinking, than if you are binge drinking every weekend (I guess the same goes for veganism). I just don’t like to be under the influence. And no, I don’t feel that I miss out on anything. The reality is that alcohol doesn’t make anything more fun. If it does you may have been miserable in the first place. So thank you for not bringing this up next time and lets just start a normal conversation, where we talk about actual shit and not about you forcing me to drink in order to have less of a bad conscience about drinking so much yourself. That would be great.

Since I stopped drinking alcohol I only experienced benefits. Weekends got so much cheaper, as juice and water (tap water in Vienna is free of charge) just cost a fragment of the beer and cocktails prices. I also feel healthier. Did you know that alcohol is an actual carcinogen? It destroys your liver cells to a point of irreversible liver cirrhosis or even cancer, messes with many other things in your body and it literally makes you dumb (slows down your brain function).  If I avoid carcinogens like meat and dairy, why should I drink alcohol, right? There are no health benefits whatsoever from drinking alcohol. No, not even red wine. Once off of alcohol I felt overall better, no more painful hangovers, much more energy to get more done and experienced much better sports performance.

Guess what, I had much more fun without booze. Isn’t it scary that most people believe alcohol is key to having a good time? I had the best times staying sober. I can actually remember what I did, what I said and who I met, find my apartment and get up the next morning ready to run a marathon. I can only pity the drunk girls I see on my way home at night, staggering like new born giraffes in their heels through the streets, their clothes and make up messed up, some may be crying or screaming hysterically, some are drunk-texting their exes and feeling miserable the next day. Nothing about this is mature or cool in any way, just embarrassing and pitiful. Guys are no better.

For me alcohol is just a waster, a waste of money, gifts, talents and destinies. When did something really good happen when alcohol was involved? Never. And let me just say there’s no such thing as moderation. Moderation is a bitch that backstabs you twice every time you drink. I cannot understand when people tell me that they drink out of enjoyment or for a treat. There’s nothing enjoyable about behaving like an idiot, hurting yourself or worst destroying whole families. But I guess once people learn to respect themselves, they can learn to respect others and stop teasing them for decisions they are obviously not strong enough to make themselves.


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  1. Meg Wall says:

    Hey :) I recently have sworn off alcohol (had a bad experience) and I find it awkward telling people I don’t drink anymore (I’m only 19)… I really enjoyed reading this post I related so much! Our society is evolved so much around the culture of drinking alcohol, no one ever stops to realise alcohol is a poison, yet its fine to guzzle it down every weekend! Thanks for a good read! :)


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