People are disgusting

If you think of Thailand you probably think of endless white sand beaches with crystal clear water, untouched nature and beautiful temples. But let me show you a side of Thailand no one is talking about. Some secret (but not so hidden) spots. Spots where rubbish is piling up, spots, where people literally drown in plastic and waste. During my now 3 months in Thailand I couldn’t help but notice that this so hyped paradise and utopia of Thailand doesn’t exist. Sure there are some nice spots and all in all it’s really beautiful here, but it makes me sad and angry to see all this waste on the streets, in nature and on the beaches. Most of it is plastic: Plastic bottles, plastic bags, toys, straws (MILLIONS OF THEM!) and also some other curiosities.  And I wonder if I’m the only one who sees this. Everyone telling me that this place is a paradise is either lying or hasn’t left their resort during their stay. Or is just turning a blind eye to it, as to everything else including animal cruelty and exploitation, environmental destruction and government corruption.
But this is reality:


Did you know that every piece of plastic ever made still exists?


Remember that not all garbage ends up in the dump. Some is recycled, some ends up in landfills and the rest eventually makes it’s way to the oceans. The world’s biggest landfill isn’t on land, no it’s in our ocean! All waters are connected and everything you throw away will at some point end up in our oceans’ garbage patches and will then be washed ashore to beaches. There wasn’t one single meter of beach where there was no plastic or rubbish.


Pollution and climate change (mostly due to animal agriculture) is taking its toll on the planet and most of all on the oceans. But what can we do? Make the connection and help making a difference. Every action counts and has an impact. Think twice on your next trip to the stores. Avoid plastic bottles and packaging, say no to plastic bags and straws, compost and recycle, be wise with water and don’t waste it, reduce your trash and cut your carbon footprint. This all needs to stop! Help make it happen!


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