Bali Photo Diary

I just wanted to share a few random bits and pieces of my trip to Bali two years ago. We stayed in Sanur, a more quiet beach town on the east coast, but with two of the best vegan restaurants I have ever been to. We stayed at Katala Villas where we had our own villa with a private pool. Zula was our go to spot in the evenings. With a menu with great vegan selection and a nice terrace on the first floor and a little shop down stairs, this place was definitely my favourite. Manik Organik was just opposite the street and also offered some nice vegan food. My favourite dish was definitely the sweet black sticky rice with coconut milk, yum!


Have you been to Bali? What is you favourite spot there?


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  1. I loved Bali. We went this year but I have to admit, there was something missing. The tourists had taken too much and left too little except perhaps a way to be that was not the real Bali anymore.


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