Life update: moving, working, cycling


As some of you were asking about what we are doing in Thailand and also how we are doing, I will not let you wait any longer and will tell you all about it.

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Some of you may already know that I am doing a medical internship in pediatric and plastic surgery as well as in anaesthesiology at Chiang Mai University Hospital and I will stay here until end of September. After doing several other electives in the UK and Switzerland, I chose to make my last stop in Thailand and enjoy my last months in the sun before things will get serious at work. Work days start early, I get up at around 6am, have breakfast and ride to the hospital to start the day with morning rounds at 7am, outpatients appointments or interesting cases in the OR. The hospital is very different from what I am used to in Europe, but at least here I get to learn all about rare (or not so rare) diseases and conditions.

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Annika and I are slowly settling in and getting used to the uber hot temperatures here in Thailand. Our little apartment is perfectly located just of Nimmanhaiman Road and near Maya Mall (let us know if you want an appartment tour!). Most of the times we can easily just walk around the city or use our brand new bikes. Yes, bikes! Only on our second day here in Chiang Mai, we decided it was time to follow all of our high carb vegan friends’ advice and finally get a bike (#burnfatnotoil). Since then we’ve been riding it every day, either to work, to the farmers market or to super yummy vegan restaurants. We can’t wait for the Rawtill 4 bike festival to start in June! We’ve also been pretty active since arriving in Chiang Mai: Biking, going to the gym or hiking up Doi Suthep. So as you can see, things are good here!

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To sum up the first days in only 3 words: markets, mangos and malls. After only two weeks I am convinced that it was the right decision to come here. Life is sweet and easy here in Chiang Mai. And don’t get me started on how easy it is to live the perfect high carb vegan life here in Thailand with all the cheap and ripe fruit on every street corner market.
We could easily live here forever (Someone just needs to send us a big batch of nutritional yeast).

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We hope this covered most of your questions, if not feel free to ask us anything on Tumblr. We will keep you updated during the next few months with loads of posts on vegan restaurants. Don’t forget to follow us on snapchat (longozyt) and Instagram.


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