Meet the team: Annika

So this is me, Annika. Sorry it took me so long to introduce myself to you! I’ve been a bananagirl for almost two years now. Born in 1989, everyone would agree that I am too old now to have a rebellious phase, but I am a (vegan) rebel for life. Although I do have some real life vegan friends, it feels good to know that there are a ton of other vegans out there, especially on social media, scattered around the globe, and trying to turn things around for their own health, the planet and the animals. And this is basically why I am putting myself and the vegan message out there, with the support of my amazing vegan partner in crime Elo. I studied politics and no I did not die of boredom and no no I do not desire to become a politician, quite the opposite, I’m just gonna be a vegan pirate for life.


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