A few days ago I got to visit Heidelberg, a tiny and beautiful city in south-west Germany. Visiting a dear (foodie) friend, I knew there would be tons of good food and laughs involved. Our goal was to visit as many restaurants as we possibly can in the short four days I was staying there. Said, done! Believe me when I say that there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to vegan food. And what’s best: The food is ridiculously cheap compared to prices in Luxembourg (or Switzerland, where I am living right now)! Here are a few of the places we checked out:

As I arrived by train in the late afternoon, we directly went to get some dinner at Mahlzeit. They offer 3 vegan burgers and we opted for the Gumbo burger with a sweet potato, rice and bean bun which was seriously amazing. To go with that we had some sweet potato fries. You can never eat enough sweet potatoes right? Ps. They have vegan mayonnaise!


New day, more food. For lunch we headed to Pirates, a sweet little place which serves only at lunch time. Everything they offer is vegan and their menu mainly consists of Pitas and ‘Tarte flambée’. Omg, I cannot even tell how delicious this was! I ordered the Libre Pita with loads of veggies, pulled Seitan and guacamole (can’t go wrong with avo, right?) and after that we shared a Hummus Tarte flambée. Yum!


You know how much I love Asian food! This place was so good. Ideal for a quick and cheap dinner. We both ordered the green curry with veggies, rice and tofu and it was amazing. They do offer non vegan food, however vegan options are clearly marked on the menu.


Hans im Glück
More burgers please! If you’re into burgers you seriously won’t be disappointed in Heidelberg. For lunch I went to Hans im Glück. Such a nice place with a great interior design (Speaking about trees everywhere). They offer three vegan burgers and I went for the Kukumer. I don’t know how they managed it, but the burger had somehow a ‘Big Mac’ taste to it, maybe because of the pickeled gherkins and the sauce…And of course I had some sweet potato fries.


Holy Kitchen
There’s always some more space for dessert. I’m still dreaming about this ‘Like Snickers’ cake. Note the flamingo wall paper.


Same Same Sushi Bar
Last dinner was a big sushi plate. We ordered all of their veggie options without the egg and the cream cheese. The service was a bit off, but the food tasted amazing.


I really enjoyed this little trip and can’t wait to get back to check out all the other vegan restaurants. Just to mention a few: Die Kuh die lacht, Unter Freunden (they offer fresh young coconuts!) and Red were places that we wanted to try, however there wasn’t enough time. For some vegan grocery shopping there is a Denn’s supermarket near the Altstadt and Edeka offers a selection of Veganz.

So prepare yourself to go to burger heaven if you’re travelling to Heidelberg. Don’t forget to climb all the stairs to the castle or ride a bike along the Neckar river for a little workout. I hope this was helpful to some of you and that you can use some of our tips for your next trip. Have you ever been to Heidelberg? What is your favourite spot to go to?


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