Vegan Shopping List

Today I am going to share my go-to staples that will always end up in my shopping cart and which I believe shouldn’t be missing in your pantry.

I know a lot of vegans are following a specific diet like all raw, raw till 4 or starch based however I just consider myself a high carb vegan and don’t put a label on it or deprive myself. I just go with with the seasons and with what I feel like eating. So in winter I might end up eating more starches, because where I live ripe fruit isn’t always available and most of the time too expensive, whereas in summer I tend to be more fruit based and living of smoothies.

Ever since I turned vegan, grocery shopping has become so much easier (I really don’t see why people tell me all the time that being a vegan is so difficult) and faster: I just go to the produce section, stock up like a crazy person on bananas and potatoes and on my way to the check out I grab a few things like rice, legumes, plant based milk and that’s basically it. The less processed food you buy the less aisles you have to go to.

Here are a few rules that I follow:

  • Only buy whole foods: So go for one-ingredient food like fruits and veggies. If you’re buying something packaged, make sure it doesn’t have a ton of nasty ingredients. The less ingredients, the better. Go for the no artificial flavouring or preservatives, low fat and low sodium stuff.
  • Buy organic whenever possible
  • Try to buy local and seasonal

High carb veganism is, as a mentioned before, a very easy lifestyle. But what is even better is that it is actually pretty cheap. Staples like bananas, potatoes and rice are easy to buy in bulk and are not very expensive. So here comes my shopping list for a high carb vegan lifestyle:

Capture d’écran 2016-02-19 à 10.55.54

Who doesn’t love fruits and veggies?
Eat foods that will love you back!

Capture d’écran 2016-02-22 à 08.34.20

I added a few things here that are not really necessary, but are nice to have now and then. Frozen fruits are great for smoothies, smoothie bowls or oatmeal. Frozen veggies come in handy when you’re feeling too lazy to cook. Coconut flakes and Chia seeds are just some optional oatmeal toppings. And who agrees that nutritional yeast was heaven sent?

This is just my preference and the way that I like to shop. Of course there are plenty more vegan options at the supermarket, but I like to keep things clean and simple. If you’re transitioning or feel like you need more options try some cereal, pasta sauce, hummus, nut butters, Tahini, soy sauce, Tamari, … (these are actually all things that you could do from scratch but are more convenient to buy ready-to-eat). You will be amazed by how many vegan options you can find these days at supermarkets. Some things are accidental vegan, without being advertised for it. If you’re overwhelmed with the huge selection and don’t feel like reading labels all the time, check out The Grénge Léif‘s Homepage where you can find lists with vegan options from local supermarkets in Luxembourg.

I hope this was helpful for some of you. Make sure to comment with your tips and tricks for vegan grocery shopping!


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