vegan in TANZANIA


As I mentioned before, I travelled to Tanzania last summer to work on a humanitarian project. Before our departure I tried to find out if it was hard to find vegan food, but I couldn’t really find any information. I knew that they had a lot of rice and ugali dishes, so I thought it wouldn’t be that hard. Just to be on the safe side I stocked up my luggage with vegan food including oats, rice milk, fruit bars and pasta. However and as usual finding vegan options was quite easy.

In Dar es Salaam we dined at Chef’s Pride, it is a bit more touristy, but to ease in on the first day it wasn’t a bad choice at all. They had rice dishes, veggie curry, tons of fruit and fruit juices (mango juice for the win!).

During our stay in Zanzibar we had a great lunch at the Esmerson Spice Hotel. In the middle of stonetown this place and the food were quite a gem! We also had a quick dinner at the Stone Town Cafe which was near our Hotel and offers a lovely terrace.

We also went to a typical Spice tour, which was very interesting. At the end of the tour we had a traditional meal, all vegan!


For the time we stayed in Ilula, our daily meals looked somewhat like this: carbs on carbs on carbs on carbs. It was basically rice, beans, some kind of kale or spinach, potatoes and a spicy tomato pili pili sauce. Yum!


During our several trips to Iringa we always had lunch at Neema Crafts. In their shop on the ground floor they offer handmade crafts and clothes and on the first floor they have a little cafe. You’ll find local dishes like Ugali with beans, but also some western style dishes. Many vegetarian/vegan options available. Make sure to try their killer smoothies!

Everywhere in the city streets or along the roads in the mainland you’ll find people selling fresh young coconuts and plenty of fruits. The ndizi, nanasi and mparachichi were the best! (bananas, pineapples and avocados)
Hakuna Matata!


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