Photo diary: Tanzania

Last summer I had the chance to travel to Tanzania in order to work on a humanitarian project I’ve been involved in. We had been planning this trip for more than six months and raising money and finding partners wasn’t always easy, but we somehow managed to make everything work out in the end. The goal of our project was to renovate blackboards in schools around Ilula, Iringa (Find out more here).
So there I was, boarding the plane with nearly 20 other scouts from Luxembourg, ready to jump into our big adventure.

Before heading to Ilula, we enjoyed the city of Dar es Salaam and headed over to Zanzibar to have a few days of peace and quiet before the work started.

Snorkeling at Prison Island
Spice Tour


Spice Hotel, Stonetown
Coral reef finds

Once we were in Ilula, scout life began: sleeping in tents, cooking outside, no hot showers (if there was any water) and nightly bonfires and most of all going to schools and painting their  blackboards.


While staying in Ilula we grabbed the opportunity to go on safari in Ruaha National Park which was amazing. We stayed at the Ruaha River Lodge which I highly recommend (loads of vegan options available if you’re not to picky, nice lodges and eco-tourism friendly). The day tours were breath taking! We learned loads about the park and all the different animals from our Massai guide and even had the chance to spot a leopard!


Stay tuned for a vegan food guide to Tanzania.
Hakuna matata!



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  1. cprouzos says:

    Looks amazing!!


    1. Elo says:

      Thank you! It sure was a great trip, can’t wait to go back :)


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